Hand-made clothing, made by a BLACK woman.

Voler Et Béni is an LLC, luxury - black owned brand. It has been created in 2016, by a resilient woman known as Mimi OAddo. Mimi is a 23 year old ghanaian designer from Newark, NJ. Since 8 years old, she've always had a high passion for fashion and self taught designing. Fashion is her defense mechanism.


Mimi came up with the creation of her brand in her dorm at her HBCU, Winston-Salem State University. Her goal was to create a fashion statement that allows everyone to feel good wearing her clothing. That is where the name "Voler Et Béni" came from, which means "Fly And Blessed" In French. She started off successfully selling t-shirts then stopped in 2017 after realizing she wanted to do more than that. During her break of 3 years, she grew closer to God and studied her passion in an emotional journey that led her to perfect her craft in sewing & design. Hence, she gained the proper confidence and decided to relaunch her brand.